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SocialSafeZone app’s goal is to exploit the technology and hardware that already exist in our smartphones to help people and companies remember and apply the rules of prevention.

Social Safe Zone (SSZ) is a smartphone application that allows you to monitor social distances and receive alerts (audible and/or in the form of vibrations) if the rules of social distancing are not met.

Why Social Safe Zone? What's different about us?
Compared to other applications, our goal is prevention (through reminders on social rules) and not the tracking of contagions. This allows us to protect people’s privacy as we don’t need to share users’ data.

The COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge

We are currently considering the possibility of participating in the following competition:


Do you have an idea on how you could help us? Would you like to collaborate with us?

Send us an email with your ideas and your CV.


The creators of the app are Nico Eberli and R.J.J.

Nico has been working for more than 10 years as a computer technician at a major carpentry firm in the region, where, in addition to being in charge of all IT, he also carries out administrative, accounting, human resources and marketing tasks.

R.J.J. is a programmer and software developer.


Gestione del progetto

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Nico Eberli

  • IT manager

  • Creator and partner of SocialSafeZone

  • Founder of Nigeco Sagl

  • Works for GRG Carpentry Sagl


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Alex Castellani


Sviluppo tecnico


Simone Marinelli

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Nonas Antonios

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